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Dr. Kellmayer

A former high school principal and a school district superintendent, Dr. Kellmayer has taught at Temple and Penn State Universities and is currently a member of the Applied Research Center at NovaSoutheastern University. He holds an Ed.D., as well as MBA and MA degrees, has published extensively in newspapers, magazines, textbooks, and journals, and has consulted in the public and private sectors. He has worked in construction and real estate, as well as a newspaper reporter and a nightclub bouncer. Dr. Kellmayer has served on about 150 dissertation committees, written hundreds of successful grant proposals, and has conducted many program evaluations, seminars, and professional development sessions.


As a consultant to the Brooklawn School District I have known Dr. John Kellmayer , the district’s superintendent, for a number of years. Dr. Kellmayer is a progressive and innovative educator who well understands the complexity of issues facing schools.

As an “out of the box” thinker, Dr. Kellmayer has successfully spearheaded and implemented a variety of different initiatives at the school without burdening the school’s budget or the taxpaying community.

Dr. Kellmayer was also extremely helpful to me as a resource to with the writing of my first book, “The Shut-Down Learner,” and he has been a great sounding board for my new book. Dr. Kellmayer’s input and ideas were always welcome.

Dr. Kellmayer’s book about alternative education, “The Mouse In the Microwave,” will be released soon. I am sure that it will have many perceptive insights into the status of American education and the challenges of reaching children who are not in the mainstream.


Richard Selznick, Ph. D. (“Dr. Selz”)

Psychologist/Author: “The Shut-Down Learner,” “Dyslexia Screening,” “School Struggles”

John is a very organized and high engaging professional. He can motivate others to rise to the highest of expectations. While working with him I found him to be extremely knowlegeble. I learned a lot from Dr John Kellmayer and I would highly recommend him to you as an asset to your organization. He enjoys working and sharing with others and they will enjoy and benefit from his team membership.
If you are in need of more detailed information please feel free to contact me.

Iayne Hunt

Principal at Detroit Public Schools


I was the executive search consultant on contract with the Brooklawn School Board. John was the chosen candidate. He was well received by the Board and community of Brooklawn. John has done an outstanding job as Superintendent and has guided the District towards a high-achieving district status. He has been successful for many years,which goes against all statistics on the average tenure for Superintendents. 
I have also worked with John for over 10 years as a colleague with Nova Southeastern University, as part of the faculty, guiding Doctoral students with through their doctoral dissertation process. John is an outstanding writer, editor and faculty member. I do not hesitate to recommend him for any professional endeavor he chooses.


Donato Stelluto, Ed. D.

CAPA Team Leader at New JerseyDepartment of Education

Dr. John Kellmayer, Superintendent at Brooklawn Public School District was my advisor in the doctoral program at Nova Southeastern University in 2013. He is an innovator in issues and trends, and a writing specialist for providing a repertoire of writing strategies and research skills.


Jacqueline Dowdy

Special Education Instructor at Chesapeake Public Schools

Dr. Kellmayer is an outstanding educator, teacher, 21st Century school leader and mentor. Dr. Kellmayer has that rare ability to motivate others around him and students in particular to strive for excellence and reach their full potential just by following his example, in his work ethic, demeanor, character, and leadership. Dr. Kellmayer also provided an intellectual environment conducive to challenging engagement and opportunities for rigorous academic scholarship. Dr. Kellmayer is also a bold visionary as exemplified by his innovative and creative ways to raise funds for struggling organizations thereby placing Dr. Kellmayer on a mantel as one of the premiere urban public school superintendents in the United States. Dr. Kellmayer has proven himself in the arena of public education in improving the academic achievement, and school experiences of students in urban public schools.


Wilson T. Lambert Jr, Ed. D.

Expert in the factors that play a major role in the school performance of African American students.

John Kellmayer has integrity, enthusiasm, dedication, a strong value system, and proven writing talent. In addition, he has a healthy sense of the absurd and, along with that, a wonderfully dry sense of humor. Both qualities are godsends for the kind of work that John and I do in the educational arena.


John Langan

Owner, Townsend Press

John is an outstanding instructor. I have been influenced by his attention to detail, writing skills, and team member skills.


William Roger Nelson

Education Professional

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